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New Jersey Football Officials Association - South Chapter

2024 Cadet Program Requirements

  1. Submit the completed application electronically (click here to start), along with a physician's letter, and electronic payment ($175) due February 2024. (Non-refundable after the 2nd class)

  2. Candidates must be over the age of eighteen (18).

  3. Classes begin March 2024 and run through early June 2024. 

  4. A confirmation email will be sent to you automatically when you have submitted your application and payment is confirmed.

  5. It shall be understood that participation in the training program implies agreement that all candidates will act as independent contractors when and where they officiate interscholastic or other football assignments.

  6. Cadets will be evaluated on the following:

    • A. Class Attendance (no more than 4 absences)

    • B. Weekly Quizzes

    • C. NJFOA State Examination (Passing Score 70%)

    • D. On Field Work

      • i. Scrimmages

      • ii. Chain or Clock Operator Assignments (minimum of 8 - assigned by the local assignor)

      • iii. Cadet Training Games (minimum of 6)

      • iv. Other assigned Sub Varsity games (assigned by the local assignor)

  7. The following conditions must be met in order for a Cadet to be recognized as a certified official:

    • A. Successful completion of all the Cadet Program Requirements

    • B. Obtain a passing grade of 70% on the NJFOA State Examination


Click Here to Begin Application Process

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