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Ask The Interpreter

Football can be a challenging game when it comes to understanding all of the various rulebook nuances, especially when there are inconsistencies between what is called in the college and professional games versus the high school game. Too often times during pregame meetings, rule scenarios from prior games are brought up with a following crew by coaches and administrators alike, looking for guidance on how something could have or should have been called in a previous game.

To assist with this process and ensure consistency with interpretations provided, we have introduced a new feature called "Ask the Interpreter" here on our website. By submitting any questions about weird plays or rule interpretations through this form, our esteemed chapter interpreter Michael DeLaurentis and committee staff will be able to provide consistent answers that in-line with the NFHS rulebook, and also provide potential training scenarios to all of the NJFOA across the state.

Coaches, administrators and fellow officials are all encouraged to use this form!

Pertinent Documents

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